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Governor Brown Announces Bold Climate Action!

OCAP is upheld!

“This failed, industry-backed lawsuit was filed about a month before our state exploded in one of the worst climate-fueled disasters we’ve ever seen. Watching friends and neighbors lose their homes and businesses as my family and I fled the Alameda fire, we didn't know if we would have a home to return to. Months later, our communities are still fragmented and just starting the long process of rebuilding," said Hogan Sherrow, Director of Rural Oregon Climate PAC (ROCPAC). “Instead of investing in Oregon's rural communities by developing clean, affordable, reliable energy, these corporations are trying to fan the flames of the climate crisis by delaying action. Rural Oregon can't afford more fire seasons like 2020. Thankfully, the Oregon Climate Action Plan moves on.”

ROCPAC Makes its Public Debut

ROCPAC Makes its Radio Debut

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