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2022 Legislative Priorities

This year is a short session and that means we have FIVE WEEKS to make sure our voices are heard and that our elected officials know which pieces of climate legislation we, as rural Oregonians want to see passed. Hearings begin the week of February 1st and we at ROCPAC will do our best to keep current updates here. Hearings, committee meetings and opportunities to testify can be tracked on OLIS:


The bills we have prioritized will make real impacts in the lives of Oregonians, especially rural Oregonians.

Senate Bills

SB 1518: Reach Codes: This bill creates the opportunity for cities, towns, or counties to move faster in reducing climate pollution from buildings, by adopting a uniform higher energy efficiency standard for new construction or major modifications of buildings in their jurisdiction.


SB 1534: Natural and Working Lands and Water: This bill establishes state policy to increase carbon sequestration in natural and working lands and waters, and directs relevant state agencies to develop metrics and monitor progress toward achieving sequestration goals.


SB 1536: Emergency Heat Relief for Renters. This bill protects renters from Emergency Heat Relief for Renters: This bill protects renters from extreme heat events by removing barriers to installing air conditioners, providing funding for electric heat pump installation by landlords (prioritizing housing that is affordable), and establishing community cooling centers.

House Bills

HB 4058: Emergency Heat Relief for Communities: This bill will protect communities from extreme heat events by distributing energy efficient air conditioners and electric heat pumps, prioritizing low-income and environmental justice communities. It reduces energy burden by directing the state and utilities to establish rate relief specific for weather-related bill spikes.


HB 4115: Treasury transparency (Divestment): This bill directs the Oregon Investment Council to publish an annual list of state assets held in investment funds, along with assessments of climate-related financial risk to these assets.

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