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I am writing today about the lack of balance at the Oregon Department of Forestry and the failure of ODF’s leadership on key issues that impact Oregonians. Oregon’s forests are some of the most productive in the world. They store more carbon than nearly any other ecosystem on the planet and provide critical services such as filtering drinking water for our communities. Yet, there is strong timber industry-backed resistance to a transition to climate-smart forestry grounded in strong science.


Oregonians need ODF to demonstrate bold leadership to address climate change, wildfire and other 21st century challenges. It is up to the Board to ensure that this happens – not just for today but for future generations that will inherit the outcomes of the decisions that we make today.
Please use your oversight role to ensure that ODF faithfully implements the spirit and intent of Executive Order 20-04 and commits to a management system that prioritizes long-term carbon storage and climate adaptability for Oregon's forestlands. As was made clear in the recent letter from the Governor’s office,  ODF has yet to propose any meaningful action to implement the EO. 
Business as usual is not an option.  We urge you to insist that the State Forester lead  on addressing climate change, or that you replace him with someone who will. 
In order to meet 21st challenges – such as climate change, drought and wildfire – Oregon needs a Department of Forestry that adheres to the best available science and demonstrates bold and timely leadership. Please ensure that ODF is up to the challenge.
Thank you for your service to Oregon’s forests and communities.

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